Trusts, Wills and Estates.  Welcome to the Law Offices of Kristi Gerrior, specializing in probate, trust administration along with estate and legacy planning.  Trained as a large firm litigator, Kristi Gerrior also handles estate litigation matters, and uses this knowledge to draft custom plans designed to succeed.  An experienced attorney and trusted counselor since 1992, Kristi Gerrior helps clients pass down their valuables -- and their values.  From maintaining privacy and financial continuity with trust agreements, to legacy letters and strategic charitable planning, our law firm helps you live a meaningful life, be understood -- and make a difference.

Advance Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney.  An Advance Directive is the cornerstone of a good estate plan: safeguarding your health and life values.  Empower someone you trust to make important health care and financial decisions on your behalf: whether you are temporarily disabled from an accident or face end-of-life care decisions. Peace-of-mind planning now can avoid expense, stress and delay involved in a court-ordered hearing when a judge orders financial and health care decisions that you might not prefer.

Often forgotten valuables: children, pets, special needs and digital assets.  Trusts and accompanying estate documents provide peace of mind, family harmony and continuity of care. Nominate someone you trust to care for minor children and remember often-overlooked areas like digital assets, special needs for disabled loved ones and pet companions.

Collaborative family agreement mechanisms.  Will your heirs honor your estate wishes peacefully without a family feud?  As a trained mediator and seasoned litigator, Kristi Gerrior employs collaborative dispute mechanisms and integrity compacts to help avoid the financial and emotional failure of family division and litigation.

Unfair creditor practices, risk management and asset protection.  Will creditors or claimants take an unfair share of your estate?  Having served as a law clerk to a federal bankruptcy judge for ten years, Kristi Gerrior advises estate planning clients on unfair creditor practices, potential debt discharge and sound estate plans to pass property to intended beneficiaries. 

Legacy videos and letters.  How will you be remembered?  From a young mother's "ethical will" to her children in the wake of 911 -- to a legacy video sharing the history of the family land and business -- or Barack Obama's letter to his daughters, explaining why he sacrificed family time to run and serve as President -- my law firm can assist you in sharing your wisdom, values and life lessons. 

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.  - Pericles